co.brick services

We know about the relevance of knowledge retention in the IT service industry.

Our goal is to become a trusted partner in a joint journey of development for a long period of time. Let’s grow together. 

We support the development cycle from the very beginning to regular continuous development and Integration after going live. We set up a small task force to achieve close objectives and execute a long-term digitalization strategy.
All that in a full package: experience, know-how, building blocks, IT standards and ready-to-use practices. After all that is live and running, we are here to maintain what has been delivered, together with monitoring and support.

1. Full Development Team

Experience fueled with ready-to-use building blocks and cloud-native standards. Get a top notch team that has it all. Everything that is needed to start a project and move fast from estimates to go-live. Use veteran kickstarter team to get it up to speed in no time.

3. PoC and MVP Fast Track

If you need to quickly impress prospects or investors with proof of concept or most valuable product fast, we can deliver a complete team that will make it on time. All roles required in the project are covered out of the box.

2. Team Augmentation

Ever-Growing Backlog and not enough time? 
Get some support for your existing team and make them deliver more at the same time. Field-tested talent can be added to projects at any stage.

4. Migration Services

Move your existing solution to cloud-native environment with end-to-end plan and execution. Experienced team will provide you with both strategy and coding power needed to smoothly make it to the new tech stack.

Building and growing know-how is key to your success. We know how important that is. And we want you to keep know-how and more importantly, we know how to do it in both short term and long run.

20 years of startup experience for you

How we can support you

Business background

co.brick was founded by 5 people who look back at two decades of software and IT business. We grew several companies from early startup days to enterprise grade and have had some spectacular success.


Technological expertise

We pioneered and led several IT industries with strong focus on cloud software, e-commerce, user experience, micro-service architecture and infrastructure, and we are happy to share our learnings.

20+ years of experience

Our five founders started their IT careers together, in the same company but in different disciplines, in the late 90s. We now create a team of experienced technology and business people.


We know startups

We grew a successful startup in a time when this was still an unusual thing to do. We know how startups function, and what they need to develop and grow. This is where you can count on us.

Building Blocks


We bring to the table a variety of building blocks and ready-to-use tool sets. What does this mean?
We help speed up team building and solution development, and keep costs of future success during scaling under control. Our best practices are focused around cloud-native areas of expertise,
which among others include:


Continuous integration and continuous development

Be prepared to deliver new code frequently without worrying about quality and tests. Ready-to-use approach and sets of tools will help with rapid automated tests and integration. Move from manual deployment to automated deployment.


Monitoring and alerting for DevOps operations


How to combine DevOps practice with ITIL SLOs and KPIs. With know-how gathered across multiple projects we can support the setup of proper monitoring and alerting building blocks, and practices to extend MTBSI – Mean Time Between System Incidents.


Security and GDPR, data protection and privacy


Check and improve security level and data protection policies and practices to mitigate possible threats. Reduce unnecessary risk to a minimum.


Code quality and best practice


Code quality and all that follows it, is the biggest part of the maintenance-cost equation. It impacts stability, scalability, upgradability and performance. All that will be reflected in maintenance and development costs in the future, which is just around the corner.




Performance of the solution is crucial for meeting customer expectations and cost of service. We know all the tips and tricks from the performance book. Identify and prevent future bottlenecks in performance. Plan for future success.


Design and Architecture


Successful solution, if not built on a solid foundation which had been chosen with future strategy in mind, cannot rely solely on the project execution phase. Avoid known pit holes, plan ahead, assess design possibilities, mitigate possible risks and avoid mistakes that have been made before. Learn from lessons of others early on.

Operations and Maintenance

1. Go-Live readiness

Last quality gate before going live. Let our team cover all the bases for you. Get an expert in the field to do final touches before going to production and reduce risk. Check all the areas which have potential to cause issues. Look under the hood of data model, code, configuration, integrations, architecture and sizing. Our work doesn’t stop here, we are just getting started. 

2. Monitoring and Alerting

Visibility and situational awareness is necessary to be able to deliver proper customer experience. Using know-how gathered across multiple projects we can help to set up monitoring and alerting in a way that will help. With proper data, not a blurry image of the whole infrastructure. The right monitoring and alerting building blocks and practices help extend Mean Time Between System Incidents (MTBSI).

3. co.brick platform – AIOPS incorporation

Predict service unavailability. Predict incidents before they impact user experience. Prevention not intervention.

Our in-house built software uses AI and ML to look deeper into logs and metrics than is possible with the human eye. This helps DevOps teams to do more Dev and less Ops.

4. Service Center

Combine 1st and 2nd level of support with expert 3rd level and AIOPS platform to deliver a higher level of service, to reduce incidents rate and extend time between problems.

Use DevOps combined with Experts to have an end-to-end approach to incidents, problems and changes.

Go-live is the biggest step in software development. Get some peace of mind before going live and make sure all aspects are secured for this big moment. After successful go-live work is far from over.

We can help move to regular frequent automated secured deployments. In addition to that we can help to establish insightful monitoring and alerting for production.

If we combine all these operational elements into one, we can support partners with a service desk that combines DevOps ways of working with ITIL processes.

Anna Nikiel - Sales Manager

Any questions for Anna?