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Hey there! We are co.brick

Here are some of the values we live by.Learn about our company culture.


  • This is our primary value, our starting point. We respect each other. We respect you, your company and your ideas. We are open and tolerant. Good atmosphere and good relations are important to us.


  • We like what we do. Our work means continuous professional and personal development to us. We do it out of passion. Because of that it’s meaningful. It gives us satisfaction. You’ll notice it quite fast.


  • At co.brick you’re not an individual, you are a brick, a physical part of a bigger construction. We are in this together, we support you, share our knowledge and expertise. We trust and help each other. We’ve got each other’s backs.


  • We are confident about what we’re doing. This confidence is based on competence and experience. We’ve got the courage to support you because we know how to do that. We take responsibility for what we’re doing, act fast and don’t waste your time.


  • Our work is fun for us. It’s important for us that it gives us joy. We want our work to not only contribute something good to the world, but also to us personally. We take pleasure in what we are doing, work in a great atmosphere and build good relations.

Who we are?

co.brick is a modern company that helps start-ups on each stage of their development. We consider ourselves as bricks that create a big entirety. We create products that are dedicated for start-ups in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere.

Our bricks develop cloud-native solution using the newest technologies. As well as we create in Silesian Region a New Silicon Valley by gathering people with great ideas about their own start-ups. Our partners are international start-ups with unique products that make real impact and change the whole market.

With us, you will feel safe and comfortable, and you will develop your career very quickly.

Who we are?


We are entrepreneurs who succeeded in building, scaling and selling different startups. We understand your ambitions and pains and you can rely on us at every stage of your journey.


Our clients

CO.BRICK is your trusted partner for bringing your startup ideas to life. We're a team of experts specializing in E-commerce, Observability, AI/ML, Automation & Copilots integrations. Staying ahead of the curve is in our DNA.

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