Get investment and support
worth 500 000 PLN

We are here to help creative and business-minded founders and engineers turn their ideas into functioning and profitable companies. Whether it is still in your head, written on a piece of paper, or already in progress – we are here to support you. 

Our partners

Our 12-month acceleration program will give you:

Financial support: up to 200k PLN

Business know-how
and technical support

Operational support:
marketing, HR, taxes, law

20+ years of startup experience

Structured mentoring program

Office space

Grow from a Founder to a Global Entrepreneur

Our acceleration program will take 12 month. During that time we want to prepare early-stage teams to solve the largest challenges. We will make founders ready to make a true impact. How? Check our acceleration process  that is divided into 9 steps. 

It’s time to tell you ‘why’


co.brick venture building is not about creating another acceleration program that will only boost ideas without business reasoning. As we financially support startups – and those resources come from private sources – we are focused on projects with a high probability of the return of investment.

Additionally, we are not only focused on supporting startups. Our aim is to integrate and strengthen the startup ecosystem in Silesia – a region in southern Poland with a great entrepreneurial potential that is still buried underground. Yet, we are pretty sure that we can find here a lot of great, innovative projects ready for a scale-up within a year.

We all know that a well-functioning startup ecosystem is a combination of many bricks; therefore, we are trying to include everyone in our initiative. Among our partners and mentors, you will find representatives of business, media, startups, education, and local government.

Everyone involved in co.brick venture building is engaged in turning innovative ideas into a prospective business. But hopefully, one day we will build an ecosystem that will be based on strong fundaments.

Who is behind the co.brick venture?


The core team of co.brick venture building is 5 people with different skill sets. But we can promise you that we have a business background, technological expertise, deep understanding of startups, and a lot of passion. Together with our partners and mentors, we are a trusted partner to support you in developing the idea.

co.brick venture building team

Founder of
co.brick venture building

Head of co.brick venture building

Startup Development Manager

Who is supporting the co.brick venture building team?

Or talk to Kuba directly

Kuba Nagórski
Lead Venture Building
+48 796 343 952

Kuba @ Linkedin