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We are a startup working with startups

Co.brick is not a regular software house. We are not an outsourcing company either. We are just a startup that is partnering with other startups to develop new cloud-native solutions. To make it happen, we hire only brave people who are ready to go one step further in their careers.

Apply for DevOps for C4T

Salary brackets:

  • Salary regular: Employment contract: 9900-15700 PLN gross (up to 75% PKUP)/or B2B: 12000-19000 PLN net +VAT.
  • Salary senior: Employment contract: 14900-20700 PLN gross (up to 75% PKUP)/or B2B: 18000-25000 PLN net +VAT.


Working as DevOps at C4T, you will work in the Azure environment. As the company tries to automate the process of software development, testing, and deployment to the fullest extent, tools such as Azure DevOps and Git are used. Currently, we open the process of transformation of the infrastructure, which is based on its complete description with a modern Bicep solution. We combine all of this with monitoring of our environments and applications in order to have full control over our product. We also try to support developers and business analysts in daily responsibilities.


2-3 years of experience as DevOps.
Experience with:
     – Microsoft Azure Cloud,
     – RM, Azure CLI, Azure Powershell, and deployment scripting,
     – Azure DevOps,
     – Azure App services & functions,
     – Git & CI/CD.
Used to work as part of an Agile / Scrum team.
Able to work on your own as well as in a team.
Speaking and writing in English (B2/C).
It’s great, but not required if you have these extra assets: Microsoft certified, e.g. AZ-203, AZ-400, etc., and SQL performance optimization and Bicep.



  • Be brave enough and send us your CV 

Apply for the job, only when you feel you meet all requirements.

  • The recruiter will call you. Stay tuned!

Wait for the contact from our side. We will get in touch with you regardless of our decision after screening your resume.

  • Online meeting

Let’s organize an online meeting during which you will meet other brave people from your team.


If you want to work with startups but you are afraid that it is not a stable environment, apply to us as! Co.brick does everything in his power to reduce all the risks (but we fairly inform you that flexibility is needed while working with us.



As we operate only 1,5 years on the market, we still consider co.brick as a startup. We work with our partners – other startups mostly from Western Europe and the US who are developing brand-new cloud solutions in the newest technologies. While being at co.brick, you will work exclusively with one partner on their product development. 

Just remember, in co.brick you are not only a programmer. You are the next brick (there are already 50 of us) who is invited to work with us on a long-term basis. With us, you will contribute to the startup ecosystem by becoming either a mentor, an IT project leader, or even an investor. You can also switch your career path and turn into an entrepreneur with co.brick venture building – our acceleration program for the early-stage startups.

C4T, a company headquartered in Belgium, aims to become the #1 Global Customs Solution provider. They are developing CAS, a one-of-a-kind SaaS solution that simplifies customs and trade compliance. By automating import and export processes, C4T customers speed up the go-to-market time, drastically reduce customs duty and administration costs, and gain strategic visibility into their customs operations.

Watch the video and listen to Gerd, Technology Director at C4T.



What is co.brick business model?


We are not

a software house



We are not



We build and maintain long-term partnership


You have
full focus on one  product 


You develop a new  cloud-native solution 

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