Let us tell you the story of co.brick. Some of you may already know parts of it, but many people have asked us about the origins of our company and its name. Well it is time to tell our story then.



The founders of co.brick – Rafał Bałaga, Carsten Thoma, Dirk Ahlrichs, Andreas Bucksteeg and Christian Flaccus originally met at hybris, an ecommerce software vendor, where they worked together since 2007. They have successfully managed the company until they sold it to SAP. Over the years, they have worked together very closely and developed great friendships. Even though they decided to go their separate ways in terms of their careers, they were sure that they still wanted to be able to work together on a joint project.

They started thinking about their idea, and together established that they wanted to open their place in Gliwice. The location was obvious from the beginning, since Gliwice has been a key location for hybris. Originally the founders thought about opening a restaurant. However, their expertise in technology and startups made it clear that the place had to make use of all their knowledge and experience, and be connected to these areas. That is the idea behind our company. Combine friendship, passion and industry knowledge, and create a place for technology, entrepreneurship and development.


The name

The origin of our name is another story. A crucial part of the firm’s business activity was going to be its building. It would be our place in the city, our home, and place, where great things are created. The name for the company had to reflect that material dimension of our activity. The founders had a challenging task in front of them. They decided that each had to come up with some ideas for the name. They then met in a restaurant to go over their proposals. First pitch – “co.brick” just instantly clicked. They knew nothing would beat this idea, even became a bit shy to present other concepts. There is nothing more essential in a building than a brick. The prefix “co” in turn, represents many different values important for our company, for example it stands for collaboration, community and company. And there it was, co.brick was founded, back in September 2019.


What is coming

We are now building our outstanding, state-of-the-art office. We have designed it just the way we want it to be. It will reflect all the values important to us, it will be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and function based on a circular economy. It will be a great place to work at, it will foster productivity and creativeness. One thing is sure, it is going to be an exceptional spot in the city. A full stack R&D hub, a house for startups, creators and entrepreneurs. Not just that, it will be a place for everyone, who wants to learn and grow, who wants to feel inspired. We are currently working really hard on all our new ventures and new ideas. Exciting things are coming, you will want to be a part of it.


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