We are a startup working with startups! 

Co.brick is not a regular software house. We are not an outsourcing company either. We are just
a startup that is partnering with other startups to develop new cloud-native solutions. To make
it happen, we hire only brave people who are ready to go one step further in their careers.


LOCATION: Gliwice (in a brand new office located at Kaczyniec street 9), hybrid or remote up to 100%.


Are you up for the challenge? We’re looking for a Data Manager who has a flare for joining our team! As the data manager, you will oversee the development and use of regulated data to form complex decision trees for use in platform development. The chosen candidate will have a strong aptitude for technology, be an expert data manipulator and must possess excellent troubleshooting skills.  To excel in this role, you should also have strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.

PROJECT: SaaS software provider to the consumer of healthcare and food supplement industry.


  • A minimum of 5+ years’ experience in data management and analysis.

  • Experience in working with databases (e.g. Microsoft Access Database).

  • Experience with some data manipulation software. 

  • Ability to decipher and organize large amounts of data.
  • An analytical mind set with superb communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to translate complex problems clearly and in nontechnical terms.

  • Complex formatting data to help our developer’s code the platform.

  • Experience with FMCG, cosmetology, and food supplements industries will be a plus. 


  • Development and implementation of procedures for effective data management.
  • Project manage data manipulation for optional data ingestion by a team of developers.
  • Complex formatting data to help our developer’s code our platform.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluating information and data systems that could affect analytical results.
  • Assess system performance and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Manage all outgoing data files and data packages for development.
  • Continuingly develop data management strategies.
  • Assist with recognising and upholding digital security systems


Be #bravenough and send an application to us.

Stay tuned as our recruiter will contact you shortly (regardless of our decision after screening your CV).

Let’s organize an online meeting during which you will meet other brave people from your team.


    Have you already wondered how to progress beyond the level of Senior IT Developer? Only a few companies offer something more and co.brick is one of them. We literally crush the glass ceiling and give options for those who feel stuck in their career. While joining co.brick you have at least 4 possibilities for further development:


    You share knowledge not only with your mates but also with startup founders and become a mentor of co.brick venture building accelerator. 


    You change your idea into a prosperous business and get on the startup life track (with co.brick venture building).


    You become either a team lead or a lead of the subsidiary created by our Partner in Poland which puts you on the management track.


    It is a future promise, but just for your information we are planning to open
    a micro-fund where every employee will be invited to put a dime or two. 


    If you want to work with startups but you are afraid that it is not a stable environment, you should definitely apply to us! Founders of co.brick already have an experience on how to develop a startup that can be sold for more than 1 bln USD (google about the transaction between Hybris and SAP), and now we all are doing everything we can to reduce all the risks while developing innovative products other startups.


    As we operate for about 2 years on the market, we still consider co.brick as a startup. We work with our partners – other startups mostly from Western Europe and the US who are developing brand-new cloud solutions in the newest technologies. While being at co.brick, you will work exclusively with one partner on their product development. 

    Just remember, in co.brick you are not only a programmer. You are the next brick (there are already 50 of us) who is invited to work with us on a long-term basis. With us, you will contribute to the startup ecosystem by becoming either a mentor, an IT project leader or even an investor (as it is described above). You can also switch your career path and turn into an entrepreneur with co.brick venture building – our acceleration program for the early-stage startups.

    Wanna know more? Contact: